• The Value of The Independent Insurance Agent and Choosing the Right one for Your Business

    July 23, 2018 in Leadership News by Phyllis Rush

    Every day, business owners face a variety of challenges with the help of trusted professionals like Attorneys and Accountants. Much like those professionals a skilled and trusted Independent Insurance Agent can play a large role in limiting your liability and protecting your company’s assets against loss.   

    Independent insurance agencies exist to serve their clients in a very consultative way, understanding the client’s individual needs, and then shopping around many different insurance carriers for the exact right fit for their situation.

    George Thompson, President and sole stockholder of Thompson Insurance, tells us, “not only can we access many different insurance carriers, we have extremely broad coverage knowledge.  Our insurance agents must be experts on not only the various kinds of risks our clients face, but how best to cover, or in some cases, how to avoid or self-insure these risks.”

    What are the benefits of going with an Independent Insurance Agent?

    Independent insurance agents can meet not just some but all your insurance needs. Unlike Captive Agents ( agents that only sell only one carrier’s products and services) we have the ability to request quotes from a wide array of insurance carriers. This helps you get the right coverage at a competitive price.

    Rather than using a captive agent or even multiple agents, a good independent agent can take a comprehensive approach to assess your business’s specific exposures to provide the correct coverage solutions for:

    • General Liability and Umbrella/ Excess Liability
    • Professional Liability
    • Commercial Auto
    • Property and Equipment
    • Business Interruption
    • Cyber and Data Privacy
    • Health and Employee Benefits
    • Surety Bonds

    Longevity, Experience and Expertise are Key When Choosing an Agent

    “In order to be successful in the insurance business, you must have a commitment to your policyholders and to the insurance carriers you represent,” explains Mr. Thompson. “Thompson Insurance has been in business for 55 years.”  

    And because you’re choosing an agency with years of experience, they can be your advocate, especially if you have coverage questions or a billing or claim concern. Rather than you having to deal with the stress of finding out what your coverage is after an accident or dealing with making a claim,  independent insurance agents can be there to work with the insurance company on your behalf so that you can just take care of your business.

    Choose a company that has a diverse portfolio of clients and carriers

    A diverse portfolio of clients indicates broad experience for any scenario.  For example, at Thompson Insurance, our clients are diverse in scope and fall into many different industries which give us a very broad base of knowledge and experience from which to draw. Furthermore, the insurance industry is always changing, and our knowledge and expertise in the field allow us the ability to attract the best insurance carriers for our customers.  Independent insurance agencies that have diverse types of clients have seen it all, and know exactly what to recommend, and can keep you up-to-date on coverage changes and regulations to keep you protected the right way.

    This approach keeps you in educated control of your insurance decisions. Independent insurance agents will find coverage options and price points they feel will best meet your insurance needs, and, then, you get to pick the one that best suits you and your goals. We just take the burden of insurance shopping off your shoulders by bringing the best price, coverage, and service straight to you!

    Choose Us as Your Independent Insurance Agent

    Why choose Thompson Insurance? Because we care about our insurers and are detail- and service-minded when putting together the right insurance plan for our clients. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that the majority of our team have attained professional designations and sometimes multiple professional designations which show our commitment to ongoing education and a standard of quality that is second to none.

    “We stand out because of our culture,” says Mr. Thompson. “We take the time to become a part of their business and their lives. When we select an insurance plan for our clients, it is the best plan we can develop, and it will be placed with a highly rated insurance company that has a focus on policyholder service and excellent claims handling history. Our customers come first!”

    Over the past 55 years, Thompson Insurance has worked with our carriers to design custom commercial and personal insurance policies that are specifically tailored for the entire spectrum of risks an insured may have. No two insureds are the same, so no two insurance policies should be exactly the same. Our agency offers commercial and personal package policies with a wide array of coverages.  Visit our website today or call us at 205-969-6115.

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